Fotomo [photo-collage] workshop with 葉家偉 Alexis Ip


Fotomo [photo-collage] workshop with 葉家偉 Alexis Ip


DATE + TIME:                      09 June 2018 @ 2-4pm

DETAILS:                             Max. 10 participants aged 12+

PRICE:                                 $380

LANGUAGE:                        English and Cantonese

VENUE:                                1606 Chai Wan Industrial City Phase 1, 60 Wing Tai Rd., Chai Wan

OPENING HOURS:               Tuesday - Saturday 11am - 6pm

Please contact Christina for more details:

“Normally we see everything three dimensionally but in photography everything is turned two dimensional. What is so special about my works is the two dimensional is turned back into three dimensional though many layers. As a result the most ordinary street scenes like a vegetable or fruit vendor which people hardly pay attention to become magical.”

葉家偉 Alexis Ip


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Currently a secondary school Visual Arts teacher, Alexis Ip practiced pottery and sculpture under the guidance of Mr. Eric Chan, Mr. Chan Chung Kong and Mr. Chu Tat Shing. His FOTOMO work “The Blue House” and his pottery work “The Old Memories” were selected in the Hong Kong Arts Biennial 2005. His FOTOMO work “Hong Kong Image, Fa Yuen Street” is the winner of Hong Kong Contemporary Arts Award 2009. Alexis works are collected by Hong Kong Museum of Arts and overseas art lovers. Artists influenced by Dadaism of the 1920’s turned out a large amount of photomontage. Readymades by Marcel Duchamp also included collages. Alexis Ip’s 3-dimensional Fotomo (i.e. photo + model) is contrary to high technology ; his creation is hand-crafted from a collage of numerous photographs depicting old neighbourhoods, street scenes and the celebrations of festivals. Trivial stories within a big city are contained in his model of micro-photos.