Print: KC Kwan | Homebound #20

KC Kwan, Homebound #15 32x48cm .jpg
KC Kwan, Homebound #15 32x48cm .jpg

Print: KC Kwan | Homebound #20

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Archival Pigment Print 

Edition of 9 (all sizes)

HK$3000 onwards 


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KC Kwan was the award winner of the Asia One Photobook competition in 2013 which resulted in the book: ‘Homebound’. The book takes you on a journey through the veins of the ‘dark side’ of Kowloon as seen through KC’s lens.  The journey starts on the bus from Chai Wan, takes you along the busy markets in Mong Kok, invites you for dinner at a dai pai dong, peeps onto the lives of the girls of the night and encounters the junkies. Then its quiet... the creatures of the night disappear but the day ones haven’t arisen yet.  Eventually the sun bursts through the darkness and energizes the streets back to its hustling and bustling life again.

Each Print comes as Archival Pigment Prints

In a max edition of 9 total (all sizes) + 2 AP’s

Small Size:       30 x 20 cm    HK$ 3,000        

Medium Size:   50 x 30 cm  HK$ 6,000    

Large size:      100 x 70 cm   HK$ 12,000