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Marc Progin ‘The Spatial Odyssey Back in Times’

  • Baudeloo Bij Sint-Jacobs Gent, Vlaanderen, 9000 Belgium (map)

‘The Spatial Odyssey Back in Times’

Opening: Friday 11 August 2017, 5-7 pm

Exhibition runs until 20 August 2017

Marc Progin

Opening Hours: Tuesday to Friday 2-6 pm, Saturday & Sunday 9am-2pm, closed on Monday.

Organised by: Blue Lotus Gallery
Venue: Baudeloo Antiques, 3 Beverhoutplein Gent, 9000 BELGIUM

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For further info please contact: Sarah Greene | Gallery Director | T: 6100 1295 |


About the exhibition (short version)

From 11-19 August 2017, Blue Lotus Gallery presents “The Spatial Odyssey Back in Times”, a photography exhibition by Marc Progin, a Swiss photographer and writer residing in Hong Kong.

The Spatial Odyssey Back in Times De Zwitserse fotograaf Marc Progin vertelt het verhaal van een buitengewone expeditie met een kamelen karavaan op zoek naar sporen van menselijke beschaving en de rijkdom van de natuur.

About the exhibition (extended version):

The story behind the photos tells of an extraordinary expedition which idea, goal and plan were to travel back in times with a camel caravan in search of our human roots while trying to discover traces of ancient civilizations, empires and cultures dating back millenniums. An adventure on land in the dead of winter leaving the contemporary life behind in search of Paleolithic ages in the Mongolian desert.

Marc Progin takes us out of time into a realm of space, light and liberty as well as on a wintry and cosmic migration through the ages of Mongolia history. As much on earth as in times past, it is a spatial exploration of human as well as natural history. Its climate is harsh. Wolves and birds of prey live alongside Mongol clans as nomads, migrating freely from the present to the past, slowly drifting with the progress of their caravans.

Since 1999 Marc traveled thousands of kilometers on bicycle, foot and aboard camel caravans. Twenty selected photographs involving stunning landscapes, caravans, nomadic portrait and night scenery with representations of other worlds will be on display.


About the artist:

Marc Progin, 71, a HK permanent resident for 40 years, is a Swiss watchmaker retired from time. Over his adult lifetime he built up an incredible endurance running ultra marathons. Since his retirement he frequently travels alone though the Gobi dessert: in summer on foot or by bike and in winter by joining a caravan of nomads on camels braving snow blizzards and temperatures as low as -40C. He designs his own maps, navigates with the sun, the stars and a compass.

The whole purpose of these challenging journeys is to clear his mind from the clutter, noise and distractions of contemporary life to make space for his creativity. In the open space of the desserts he finds his inspiration for his many writings of poetry and literature. To evidence the beauty of the desert he started to photograph his journeys. Marc dubs all of his favourite pastimes forms of “Mind Travelling”.

About Blue Lotus Gallery:

Sarah Greene, born in Ghent (Belgium) moved to Hong Kong in 2003 where she founded Blue Lotus Gallery in 2007. The gallery’s program mainly explores Hong Kong cultural identity through photography & works on paper. Blue Lotus Gallery represents some of Hong Kong's most prominent photographers such as Fan Ho and Michael Wolf and has been instrumental in the career of emerging artist such as Romain Jacquet-Lagreze, KC Kwan and Marcel Heijnen.

2017 marks the gallery’s ten year anniversary this year. The gallery is currently located in Chai Wan, Hong Kong. 

Press Release:

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