Lynn Basa is an artist living in Chicago. In addition to having completed numerous public art commissions, she is a painter. She teaches in the Sculpture department at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago.

Lynn is the author of The Artist’s Guide to Public Art: How to Find and Win Commissions.

‘My studio work is inward looking and personal. I discipline myself to lose control. My collaborator is randomness; like what happens to ceramic glaze when it’s out of sight in the kiln, or the way rust oxidizes. By deepening my understanding of how paint works, I set up the conditions to let Nature take its course on the canvas.’

'With public art commissions, I want to create places that engage people so I delve deeply into the meaning of each site and how it will be used by the public. I construct my public artworks in response to the sites where each will live, but if I had to generalize about what each one has in common it’s that they all contain some degree of organic abstraction used to symbolize human relationships and aspirations.

For example, the 160’ long terrazzo floor I’ve designed for a liberal arts building at the University of Northern Iowa blends black and white recycled glass, mirror, and stone in a dynamic liquid flow symbolizing the intermingling of multiple disciplines and the transformational change that occurs in students during the course of their education.

I use whatever materials suit the work and the site, whether it’s terrazzo, glass mosaic, laser-cut metal, and concrete, among them.