Cornelia is a versatile artist specializing in public art, commissions and multi-media installations.
‘Cornelia Erdmann received a degree in architecture in 2002 and a MFA in Public Art in 2005 from the Bauhaus-University Weimar, Germany. She has been intensely involved in making art ever since.

Cornelia challenges the border between fine art and design and particularly loves to create installations with light. This shows in her 'mirror projects such' as in Clover where the actual artwork consists of the reflection of light & shadow on stainless steel. Later on Cornelia made installations with light wire and the combination of LED lights and paper.

'In Clover'
Media: Stainless Steel, Spotlights

‘In Clover was first shown at Blue Lotus Gallery during an exhibition called ‘Lala-land’ in 2009.

To ‘live In Clover’ means to live in ease and luxury. The wall installation is inspired by Chinese ink paintings depicting flora and fauna in rich details and stylized compositions.
The shiny mirroring metal leaves catch light, colour and movement in the space. At the same time they reflect a delicate floral pattern of light onto the ground. Three dimensional butterflies and dragonflies buzz between the exuberant leaves – some exist only in halves. The insects only come to full life when their bodies’ reflect light and shadow.

She has been commissioned by various hotels for site specific variations of 'In Clover' and later by LEGCO for a very large mural installation with reflecting stainless steel.

At LEGCO, instead of butterflies the stainless steel elements are profiles of today's Hong Kong people. A large LED installation that changes color during day throw light reflections and shades over the large wall.

Spring this year (March 9 until April 1, 2012) Cornelia was selected by iLight Marina Bay 2012 light festival in Singapore to create a site specific light installation.

The latest commission by Cornelia organized by Blue Lotus Consultancy was a light installation made with paper and LED lights in the newly opened flagship store of LEE jeans and a light wire installation at the lobby of Lee & Wrangler in Hong Kong.